Famous Barns

The Will Rogers Collection

“A man that don’t love a horse, there is something the matter with him.”

- Will Rogers

Born in 1879 in Oklahoma’s Cherokee Nation on his family’s Dog Iron Ranch, Will was a star on Broadway and in over 71 movies.  He was an author and syndicated columnist, a radio broadcaster and a friend to Presidents, senators, stars and slaves.

This portfolio will take you to his Boyhood Barn in Oklahoma as well as to his luxurious Polo Stable to the Stars in California. He learned his love for riding and roping at home on the Dog Iron Ranch. It became the foundation for another sport he loved – polo. His stable and ranch near Pacific Palisades, California is still a destination for many who love their horses and polo too.

The Video Barn Tours are ready:  click here for the tour of Will’s Boyhood Barn; and, click here for the tour of his Polo Stable in California.  And, you can download the elevations and floor plans for his Oklahoma Boyhood Barn at the Dog Iron Ranch here.