Famous Barns

Doncaster Barn

Noah Armstrong’s ranch was called the Doncaster Ranch, after one of his favorite race horses. He built this round barn in 1882.  Everyone in the Twin Bridges area knows it as the Round Barn.

Noah was originally from Kentucky, and some believe the Red Mile Harness Racing Track’s round barn, built in 1880 in Lexington, Kentucky was the inspiration for Noah’s barn.  (It’s also in our Barn Design Gallery.)

It would later have a distinction no other Montana barn would have – it would be the home ranch of 1889’s Kentucky Derby winner “Spokane.”

This barn is perfect for a colder climate.  The ground floor aisle allowed for exercising the horses in the winter and the center section housed a windmill and 1,000 gallon water tank.  The warmth of the horses, animals and hay kept it from freezing in the below freezing temperatures.

The ground floor contained horse stalls, offices, sleeping quarters, harness closets, veterinary stalls and a grain elevator.  The second level was built to hold 50 tons of hay and 12,000 bushels of grain.  It was also engineered to provide easy feeding through doors and shoots from second to ground level.

Elevations, floor plan and video tour in the works.