Famous Barns

Disney Barn

What a setting for the Disney Barn!  It’s a little over 6 miles from the elegant Disney Corporation offices in Burbank, California to Griffith Park, the home of the barn created by Walt Disney that would be his retreat and inspiration for “imagineering.”

The barn was designed to look like the barn from Walt’s Missouri home.  And, since his uncle worked on the Santa Fe Railway, Walt was able to work summers on the line.  He loved the Santa Fe … and when he built a three-quarter sized replica for Walt Disney Land, he named the engines after some of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe’s presidents.

Although Walt had enjoyed playing polo with his friend Will Rogers, after an accident on the field he (and his wife) decided it was time to find a safer hobby.  Trains were a natural … they were only 3 feet high, but strong enough to ride.  They’re at the park too – and they’ll have your ticket waiting for you!

Take a video tour of Walt’s workshop here.