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San Antonio, Texas – Field Sport Concepts, Ltd. (FSC/www.fieldsport.com) announces the addition of Famous Barns as a new affiliate. Field Sport Concepts’ affiliates are nationally respected consultants who provide comprehensive services to plan and develop field sport programs including equestrian, shooting, hunting, fishing, falconry and high adventure sports. These activities are also complemented by conservation finance services including easements and monetization of ecosystem services.

Both Field Sport Concepts and Famous Barns seek to enhance rural and ranch properties in a manner that is sympathetic to the natural environment while providing opportunities for the pursuit and appreciation of the sporting and ranch life.

Howle studied the economic models of historically and architecturally significant barns across America and has been in post and beam construction for the past 7 years, with projects throughout Texas and the southwest. McKee says “Sonja provides important architectural and historical perspectives that contribute to the value and economic success of a project.”

Full release is available upon request.

Contact: Robert McKee, (434) 979-3846, Email: rmckee@fieldsport.com, www.fieldsport.com