Famous Barns






Elvis’ first horse was a Palomino named Rising Sun.  So, it only made sense that the barn and stable would be called The House of the Rising Sun.


Rising Sun is gone, but for decades Priscilla, the Presley estate and the caring staff have provided a home for unwanted horses.  The side of this hill in Memphis is not a bad home.


This is a beautiful example of a bank barn; it’s built into the side of a bank.  The lower level is accessible from the front and is used for the stables.  The second level, accessible from the back of the barn, allows for the hay and feed to be driven right in.  The gambrel roof provides a high and spacious interior and the loft also has some great drop-through doors for the hay.


An elegant and well-designed barn.  That’s why tour and study barns of historic and architectural significance.  Yesterday’s barns help us design and build better barns today.   


You can take a video tour here, or just click on the photo above.