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Camarillo Barn 0

In 1921, Adolfo Camarillo (the founder of the city of Camarillo, California) saw a white stallion named Sultan at the Sacramento Fair.  He bought the stallion and bred him to his Morgan mares and created a new breed of white horse, a family legacy and a century-old icon in California ranching.


The Camarillo White Horses led parades and fiestas with presidents, governors and movie stars.  Even now the breed is treasured.  In fact, in 1992 The Camarillo White Horse Association was founded to maintain Sultan’s bloodline, which they learned carries a unique mutation of a certain gene partially responsible for coat color.


The red stables and mule barn of the Camarillo Ranch are in the care of Camarillo Ranch Foundation.  The barn is a special place for weddings, events and galas.  The famous stables of the white horses provide a home for the foundation’s offices, museum and gift shop  


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