Famous Barns


Disney Barn 1

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Walt Disney’s barn design was inspired by his family’s barn in Missouri and he first built it behind his home on Carolwood Drive in Holmy Hills, California. It was the headquarters for imagineering and the Carolwood Pacific Railroad, Walt’s 1/8th scale rail line that is carefully maintained by the Los Angeles Steamers Museum.

According to our guide, if Walt had not been involved in an accident while playing polo at Will Rogers Polo Club, he may not have decided he needed a safer hobby. (Remember, two weeks ago we featured Will’s Polo Stable.) But railroads had been Walt’s passion for decades … his uncle was an engineer on the Santa Fe Railway and Walt spent summers working on the train. When he built Disneyland in Anaheim, he built a railroad modeled after the Santa Fe and the engines were named after the railway’s founder and presidents.

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